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Baekyeol couple post

Chanyeol tonight.

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Wu Yi Fan’s Evolution

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[MASH-UP] Beep Beep with Growl MV

Amazing! The choreography and the song fit each other.

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Choose the loveteam you ship.



According to sources say EXO has ALREADY FINISHED filming their comeback MV. They used 7 film studios. The staff said that Baekhyun is the noisiest, beagle Line Top. Chen is very cute and Chanyeol is much quieter than expected. They are all becoming more handsome.

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Kris’ photoshoot


Duck face Chen- SM The ballad



Seems like Luhan, Suho & Xiumin went to see Kyuhyun’s musical Moon that embraces the Sun today

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Chen biting his finger- 140215 sm the ballad

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